Violinist Koen Rens
Christophe Bossuat

After receiving his baccalaureate and graduating from the French music conservatory system, Christophe studied with Pierre Doukan and Sylvie Gazeau in Paris. In 1973, he was a prize winner of the national French youth competition for violin.


Christophe then went to study in Matsumoto with Shinichi Suzuki for two years and graduated from Talent Education in Japan.


On his return to France, he founded the Suzuki Institute in Lyon and the National Suzuki Association in France. Christophe was instrumental in developing the Suzuki pedagogy in France.


He has also taught and continues to teach extensively throughout Europe, holding workshops and teacher training.


More recently, he pioneered the Suzuki pedagogy in South Africa and Turkey.


Christophe has significant teaching experience in both the USA and Canada, and he was appointed chairman of the ISA violin committee in 2000. During his tenure, and after a decade of work, the committee completed their review of the eight Suzuki books.


Christophe is also a frequent guest teacher in international Suzuki workshops.