Our Company

We believe that music learning should be a rewarding experience. 


Music and teaching are our passions. At Ongaku Learning, we are teachers, performers, music enthusiasts and parents, and we believe in the power of music learning to contribute to children's development, both as musicians and as people. 


A good music teacher is critical when learning an instrument, but inevitably, a lot of learning time is spent without direct guidance, practicing between music lessons. It is during these practice sessions where habits are formed, frustrations may mount, questions arise and key learning points may be forgotten or misunderstood. We experienced this firsthand with our own students and children, and we looked for a way to provide them a helping hand during practice sessions.


MyOngaku practice app for Suzuki Method Violin Volume 1

That is why we created MyOngaku. A video reference aid for students and their parents, MyOngaku is designed to help students and parents make the most of practice time. This is important because practice time well spent means that valuable teacher-student lesson time may be focused on more advanced instrumental skills and musicianship. We think of MyOngaku as a Music Learning Companion – a partner to support the learning process.


We’re proud to offer students and their parents this new way to practice and enjoy music learning, and to offer music teachers a tool that will help their students make the most of practice time.  We hope you give MyOngaku a try and let us know what you think.