Product Overview

MyOngaku for Suzuki® Violin School
Volumes 1 & 2, Violin Part, Revised Edition
Winner of the 2015 USA & UK App Design Awards for "Best Family App"
Practice makes perfect only with perfect practice


MyOngaku was created to help violin students practice correctly and make the most of their practice time. It is a video practice aid for the Suzuki® Method. Used along with the Suzuki sheet music, it is a reference tool for students and their parents to use during practice time when students are away from the direct guidance of their instructor.


The MyOngaku apps help students stay in time, play the right notes, and maintain correct posture, rhythm, fingering and bowing. Content for each app volume includes over 500 video demonstrations by three accomplished musicians as well as key learning points and note-by-note guidance for each piece of music.


Students can listen and watch as musicians perform the music, then imitate how a piece sounds and looks. Students can play along to sections of music at a slow tempo, then play along to the complete piece at an intermediate tempo.


MyOngaku apps use image recognition technology that allows students to use their iPad or iPhone to view content simply by pointing the camera of their device at their sheet music. This innovative approach to content delivery provides students on-demand access to the specific content they need at the moment they need it.


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