Violinist Koen Rens
Koen Rens

Koen Rens studied violin with Jeanne Janssens as a Suzuki student in Turnhout, Belgium. He obtained first prize in violin and chamber music at the Brussels Royal Conservatory and later studied violin, methodology and psychopedagogy at the Conservatoire Royal de Liège.


He obtained the European Suzuki Associations' (ESA) final diploma in 1995, was appointed as a violin teacher trainer in 2000 and has since directed the violin teacher training program in Lithuania. He has served as a board member and as Chairman on the ESA board, and he has taught throughout Europe, and in the USA, South America and Australia. In 2013, he was amongst the faculty of the 16th Suzuki World Convention in Matsumoto, Japan. In 2014, he accepted the role of Director of the violin Teacher Training program in Latvia.


He has played with the European Community Chamber Orchestra, the Sallinen String Quartet, the Rubens Piano Trio and the folk band Galley Head.


Koen teaches violin and conducts the Symphony Orchestra at the Academy of Music in Turnhout. Together with Wilfried Van Gorp, he founded and directs the Belgian Suzuki Chamber Orchestra. For more than 20 years, he has also had a thriving studio with over 70 students.