MyOngaku practice app for Suzuki Method Violin Volume 1

Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill.

- Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Founder of the Suzuki® Method

Parent-Guided Practice


Parent-guided at-home practice is key to student learning and progress. If you are the at-home "teacher" for your young violinist, however, you know first-hand it can be challenging to help your child when you yourself may not always know what they should be doing or how it should be done. While nothing replaces the guidance of your child’s violin teacher, MyOngaku provides an easy and useful reference tool during your child’s home practice sessions. The app videos help you understand if your child is practicing correctly and where they need to improve. The videos help your child develop their skill by practicing slowly, starting with short sections of music, and focusing on the key learning points of each piece. Your child should first listen closely as they watch the video performance, then imitate how the piece sounds and how it looks. Your child can play along to sections of the piece at a slow tempo, then play along to the complete piece at an intermediate tempo. Using MyOngaku will help your child stay in time, play the right notes, and maintain correct posture, rhythm, fingering and bowing. 

Practice Tips

  • Watch the video and sing along using the note names until they are memorized. 

  • Watch the video and play along only using the bow (air bow) in order to learn the bowing and the rhythm.

  • Play along with the videos focusing first on the finger view, then on the front view.

  • If available, view on a larger screen via Apple TV. 

  • Encourage independent practice by structuring your child’s practice with the app. For example, choose a piece and have your child play the piece one section at a time, selecting from the white MyO icons that represent videos demonstrating short sections of music being played at a slow tempo. Repeat each section five times using the “repeat” function provided within the app.

  • Observe posture, fingering and bow speeds.

  • MyOngaku can help with revision work on pieces students have already learned by using the “complete” videos. These videos are represented by the solid colored MyO icons and demonstrate a complete piece being played at an intermediate tempo. Playing along to these videos ensures correct rhythm and a steady tempo, and provides a visual reminder of the bowings.

  • Pay attention to the note-by-note annotations in the lower right corner of the videos to learn notes and fingering. Our violin fingerboard chart is an easy reference for questions about fingering.

  • Keeping a practice log can encourage children to practice by helping them track and share their progress and achievements. See our practice log for an example.

Music is an auditive art.

The MyOngaku app is most effective if all practicing includes purposeful listening. Use the Suzuki® CD to listen to the pieces in the original tempo before using the app. 


Practice Tips