What Parents Say

Parents love the MyOngaku app. Below are comments from parents who have used the app with their children.

Now that we use the app, we cannot imagine practicing without it!

The app has helped me structure my child's practice time in a way that I could not do before. Our practice time is much more productive and enjoyable.

As a non-violin-playing mother, this app has been of enormous benefit to me in aiding my children to progress. It makes it easy, efficient and fun!

Vanessa M.

Mother to 7-year-old & 9-year-old students

Geneva, Switzerland

Atalanta P.

Mother to a 6-year-old violin student

Geneva, Switzerland

Eva V.

Mother to a 6-year-old violin student

Geneva, Switzerland

The app is incredibly useful. My daughters have improved much faster with the app as a reference tool. 

The app is invaluable for a parent without violin experience. We listen first to the whole piece, then each section as we practice. We play each section slowly over and over again, and my daughter joins along. 

Heather K.

Mother to a 6-year-old violin student

Geneva, Switzerland

Cynthia D.

Mother to 4-year-old & 6-year-old violin students

Geneva, Switzerland

Tanja & Igor D.

Parents to a 6-year-old violin student

Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you! During time away from his teacher, our son was able to continue to learn pieces with the confidence that nothing learned was wrong. This would have been impossible to accomplish without the app.

Have you tried the app?
What Parents Say

MyOngaku is a video practice app for Suzuki® Method violin students, their parents and teachers, designed by instrumental teachers, performers and music enthusiasts to help support the music learning process.  


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